Thursday, September 23, 2010

Selling Goods over the Internet Taxable Income Tax 25

Jakarta - The Directorate General of Taxation (Taxation Office) to disseminate the implementation of the imposition of tax article 25 for the individual taxpayer for Certain Employers (WP OPPT).

One of the highlights, entrepreneurs who market their wares via the Internet or online services are also required to pay income tax 25 will at such rates of 0.75%.

Kasubdit Cutting and Personal Income Tax Withholding Tax DG Dasto Ledyanto said that the purpose of the issuance of these regulations in order to provide simplicity and convenience to WP OPPT installment payment obligations in implementing Articles 25.

"This also represents an optimization of WP OPPT revenue from income tax," he said in the House Taxation Office, on Friday (07/23/2010).

He said, the entire WP OPPT who trade via the internet services are required to submit Income Tax Return Period 25. "But those obligations must be done if omsetnya is above the Taxable Income (PTKP)," he said.

Dasto explains, WP OPPT understanding of individual taxpayers who do business as retailers who have more than one place of business.

"Well, the amount of installment Articles 25 to WP OPPT set at 0.75% of total gross turnover per month from each place of business," he said.

"So if his place of business must pay much taxes and submit its tax return," he said.

Dasto further affirm Taxation Office will conduct special surveillance for compliance with tax obligations OPPT. "Because it is still not optimal we will continue to conduct surveillance. Especially in the sector among the internet or online," he said.

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