Thursday, September 30, 2010

Promo on the Internet Taxable

JAKARTA - SURYA-The businessman will spend more to run its business. They will be subject to income tax liability on the individual taxpayer for Certain Employers (WP OPPT), based PER-32/PJ/2010.

With this rule, the Directorate General of Taxation will be disciplined businessman who has many business outlets, but only report a single outlet. Regulation WP OPPT applied on July 12, 2010. "One businessman so many outlets, but that in only one-ajuin. It's who wants to be disciplined, "said Dasto Ladyanto, Head of Regulation and Collecting Income Tax Withholding Affairs in Jakarta, Friday (23 / 7). He said employers must pay 0.75 percent of the circulation of business each month from each place of business.

"So, if there is one and five outlets floor, he must pay it every month," he explained. Imposition WP OPPT also made to the business at home, shop or via the internet, because they are deemed open and have a business.

"The views that there is a place of business, either at home or via the internet, as long as they open the business," he said.
Employers must register to obtain a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) for each business in the Tax Office (KPP), the local area.

However, the Directorate General of Taxation said difficulty collecting taxes on the sale and purchase transactions online. The reason, the quality of human resources and information technology was inadequate.

Limitations that lead to the Directorate General of Taxation is difficult to detect employers who use online services, including the value of the transaction. "As long as there is no recognition of the taxpayer, the transaction or place of business via online, will not be recorded," said Dasto.

He said, yet many people report the transaction. Dasto suspect this because the consciousness of paying taxes based on the calculation itself is still low.

Meanwhile, Chairman of Cafes and Restaurants Association of Indonesia (Apkrindo) Java Tjahjono Haryono admitted, has not received notification WP OPPT. During this routine is the tax payable Development I (PP-1) is subject to government by 10 percent of each transaction.

"It was paid in a transparent and every entrepreneur can not deny. If indeed WP OPPT enacted, we will hold talks with members of the association, "said Tjahjono.
Severance Tax Decrease

On the other hand, the rate of income tax on severance pay, cash benefits, allowances and retirement benefits reduced. The goal, so they are armed with the money it is more prosperous. This policy is stipulated in Minister of Finance Regulation No 16/PMK.03/2010.

"Given the incentives for new businesses or retire," said Dasto. Recipient severance and retirement benefits of Rp 50 million, not subject to tax (the original five percent). For USD 50 million-USD 100 million subject to five percent (10 percent), USD 100 million-$ 500 million hit 15 percent (from 25 per cent). And, above USD 500 million in taxable income 25 percent

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