Saturday, September 11, 2010

Governments Give Special Incentives for Major Investors

JAKARTA. Major investors to invest in Indonesia would be special treatment. The government plans to give tax incentives to big investors such pampering.

Head of Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) said Gita Wirjawan, the government is already drafting rules to give special incentives to large investors. She said that special incentives are not included in the revision of Government Regulation Number 62 Year 2008 concerning Income Tax Facilities (Income Tax) for Investments in Certain Areas for Business and / or Specific Areas.

As is known, the government also is revising the Government Regulation No. 62 year 2008 was. This revised to accommodate the downstream industries that have not entered into the list of recipients of income tax incentives.

Well, then large investors what was going to get preferential treatment? Gita said major investors would enjoy this special treatment when moving the economy in eastern Indonesia. In addition, investors should be able to absorb labor force of more than 3000 people. "Then for investment over U.S. $ 1 billion, or slightly below investment if he had but he's in Eastern Indonesia," he continued.

Unfortunately Gita can not be sure when a claim is an incentive to be issued government. So just wait.

Source: Kontan Online

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