Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ensure Government Will Give Tax Holiday

JAKARTA. The government continues to sell out the promise of fiscal stimulus, including tax incentives. Most recently, the government will give tax holidays, tax exemption alias within a certain timeframe.
Finance Minister Agustin Martowardojo revealed plans providing tax holidays for entrepreneurs in the National Congress Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin General Assembly) VI in Jakarta, late last week. "We have prepared facilities for Income Tax (Income Tax) and income tax according to the special characteristics of the industry," he said. Unfortunately, Agus has not revealed when the application of tax holidays to entrepreneurs, and prospective employers to pay the tax holiday lovers.

Whereas before, on various occasions, the government always insisted tax holiday can not be given. You see, the laws on taxation are not familiar with that term.

Besides tax holidays, Agus promised gift seabrek other tax incentives for investors who are willing to invest in Special Economic Zones (KEK). The shape ranging from import tax exemption, land and building tax (PBB) in a certain time, Value Added Tax (VAT), until the liberation of Sales Tax on Luxury Goods (PPnBM). "It's all will we give," he said.

Employers obviously pleased with the government's plan to give tax holidays. Therefore, this policy was already long-awaited by them. These incentives likely to increase the competitiveness of domestic industry. "Do not hesitate to give incentives from supervised its implementation," said Haryadi Sukamdani, Vice Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce Division of Monetary, Fiscal, and Public Policy.

Haryadi rate, the benefits of tax holiday is not just enjoyed by entrepreneurs, communities, too, feel it. "The price of the products may be cheap, because the cost of production also fell," he said

Source : Harian Kontan

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