Friday, November 26, 2010

Starting 2011, Carriage of Goods subject to Customs Import, Jakarta: Ministry of Finance set import duties on goods carried by passenger, crew transportation, and crossing boundaries, as well as shipments that will apply from January 1, 2011 through the Minister of Finance Regulation No. 188/PMK.04/2010.

Head of Public Relations Bureau Kemenkeu, Yudi Pramadi, in a statement received here on Wednesday (24/11), states, of goods subject to import duties are personal items that brought the passengers, crew personal goods transportation facilities, or personal goods crossing borders, and / or merchandise beyond the customs value and / or a certain amount.

Officials of Customs and Excise set tariffs on imports of Passenger Personal Goods, Private Goods Carrier's Crew Facility, Boundary Passage of Private Goods, Trade in Goods, and Goods Shipment.

Determination of tariffs based on tariff of the goods concerned. In the case of imported goods intended for more than three types of goods, Customs and Excise Officers only one set of tariffs on goods the highest rate.

About understanding boundary crossing, Yudi says, is a resident or residing in the border regions and countries have identity cards issued by the competent authority and which will travel across borders at the border areas through cross-border Postal Supervisors.

The crew of the carrier means is any person who because of the nature of his work must be in transport facilities and come with a means of transport. While the passenger is every person who crossed the borders of countries, using means of transport but not the crew and not the Carrier Facility Boundary Passage.

Regarding the limit on the number of goods that are not subject to import duties (duty-free entry), Yudi said, for personal belongings of passengers by customs value at most U.S. $ 250 (FOB) per person or U.S. $ 1000 U.S. per family. Personal items that brought the crew of transportation with the customs value of maximum U.S. $ 50 (FOB) per person also get exemption from import duty.

As for the maximum value of private goods crossing borders are exempted from import duties divided by origin country. For Indonesia and Papua New Guinea at most U.S. $ 300 (FOB) per person for a period of one month, Indonesia and Malaysia: at most 600 RM (FOB) per person for a period of one month if past the mainland, while if past the ocean is set at lot 600 RM (FOB) per boat for each trip.

As for Indonesia and the Philippines established at most U.S. $ 250 (FOB) per person for a period of a month. Indonesia and Timor Leste at most U.S. $ 50 (FOB) per person per day.

While on the shipment, import duty exemption granted by the customs value of no more than 50 U.S. dollars (FOB) for each person per shipment. In the case of Goods Shipments exceed the customs value, the excess is charged import duties and taxes in order to import. (Ant / ICH)

Source :, Wednesday, November 24, 2010 14:19 pm


  1. Using as an example:

    entering as an individual with:

    a laptop US$ 1500
    a camera US$ 900
    a phone US$ 400
    an ipod US$ 100
    headphones US$ 200

    can anyone tell me roughly how much I'd expect to pay in import duties, or how I'd find this out?


  2. the first must know HS Code for this good, because the HS Code to determine the import duty tariff