Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Eradication of Transfer Pricing constrained Transaction Data

JAKARTA. Government's plan to correct the trade agreement between the companies that smells transfer pricing is a positive thing. In addition to preventing the practice of transfer pricing, it also could boost state revenues from taxes.

In accordance with the Director-General (Perdirjen) Tax Number Per-48/PJ/2010 the effective 3 November, the Directorate General of Taxation is authorized to correct the trade agreement which indicated transfer pricing between the taxpayer of the Interior (WPDN) with their counterparts abroad. Correction was done when there are indications unrighteousness information or document that agreement.

However, observers warned Gunadi Taxation, University of Indonesia, Directorate General of Tax plan would be difficult. Some obstacles, among others, the Directorate General of Taxation will have difficulty when determining the ratio of price and profit data as agreed between WPDN and their partners abroad. Therefore, the Directorate General of Taxes shall also perform cross-checks to WPDN business partners abroad.

Other difficulties, resistance from foreign investors is not light. Therefore, it could be foreign investors will reject the results of the calculation of the Directorate General of Taxation. "For example the case of PT Asian Agri, has not completed five years. Therefore, the solution transfer pricing necessary prudence and wisdom. It should be tenacious negotiations, and priority-oriented investment climate, do not even disturb the investment climate," said Gunadi to KONTAN, Sunday ( 14/11).

However, Gunadi welcomed the plan to correct Taxation Office is that smell venture agreement that transfer pricing. Understandably, the potential loss of tax revenue due to transfer pricing by companies, firms operating in Indonesia very much.

Gunadi indicated in number during 2009 and then reached Rp 1,300 trillion. Thus, the formation of anti-transfer pricing team is the right thing.

Previously, observers Taxation Narliswandi Piliang also never convey the potential tax loss due to transfer pricing practices could reach Rp 1,300 trillion. He stated, the figures were derived from Section Transfer Pricing Taxation Office is prepared on the basis of data of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, or OECD. (KONTAN, June 30, 2010).

Director of Counseling Services and Public Relations Directorate General of Taxation Iqbal enforcement Perdirjen 48 Alamsjah hope this can boost state revenue from the tax sector. "How to correct the untruth of the information from the taxpayer in the country with their counterparts abroad," he said.

Source : Harian Kontan, 16 November 2010

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