Friday, November 26, 2010

Eco-Friendly Companies Proposed Tax Free

MAKASSAR, Reuters-TIMUR.COM - Minister of State for Environment Gusti Muhammad Hatta in Makassar, said it would propose to the Ministry of Finance to release the tax for companies with environmentally friendly or green and gold in the category.

"Friday (11/26/2010) will be announced which companies are categorized as black, red, green and gold. I will ask banks not to lend capital to the company that belongs to the category of red and black, and ask that the category of green and gold reduced interest or proposed to the finance ministry for tax-free, "he said.
This he expressed in the Declaration of Caucus and Strengthening the role of Parliament in the protection and management of the environment.

In addition, he admitted thinking about forms of moral sanctions for the head area that does not properly care for the environment in the region to support the administrative penalties, civil and criminal there. Possible forms of moral sanctions include a fatwa of the Indonesian Ulema Council.

He explained that the Indonesian Environmental Quality Index currently stands at 59.79. "Even if 60 even I am not satisfied," he said. While the position of South Sulawesi, was ranked the 15 provinces with the best environment of the 33 provinces with half of his district and the city is winning clean city.

Related to the formation of South Sulawesi DPRD environmental caucus, he said, Parliament has an important role melegislasi and arrange for all of the priority to the environment, overseeing development and budget.

"If the natural resources depleted environment will continue to get worse and cost recovery will be more expensive than the value of investments," he said.

Source :, 25 November 2010

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