Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Time to Buy Houses, Next Year

VIVAnews - Next year is the time to buy a home. According to the Directorate General of Taxes, from 2011, the Cost of Land and Buildings (BPHTB) will go down.

Not only down, starting next year, BPHTB tax transferred to local governments. Central government's decision is in accordance with the mandate of Law on Regional Tax and Retribution (PDRD) No. 28 of 2009 which is valid January 1, 2010.

According to the Head of Sub Directorate Extensification First Assessment and Evaluation Directorate General of Taxation, Pestamen Situmorang, the value of the transferred tax BPHTB this Rp7 trillion. As a result, in total, the source of central government tax revenue next year is reduced participate Rp7 trillion.

"Although the auto reduced Rp7 trillion, this will be closed from another source," said Pestamen in the Tax Office, Jakarta, Friday, October 8, 2010.

BPHTB is the amount of taxes to be paid by someone on the sale and purchase of land and buildings. BPHTB determined five percent of the value of the transaction is usually borne by the buyer, but can also sellers, depending on the agreement.

According Pestamen, there is a possibility that not all regions as a whole can execute directly BPHTB tax collection. In the rules of law applicable PDRD, local governments are also given the opportunity to set their own level of value to tax.

"Everything determine each local government, can vary. Depending on the area willing to finance what?" Pestamen said.

The Act only provides that the maximum to be levied BPHTB to five percent. "Can be under it or just not taken. This is all delivered into the region," he said.

Not only BPHTB taxes that may be down, according to Pestamen, land and building tax (PBB) regions also have been down compared to current provisions that amounted to 0.5 percent of the sales tax and building object.

"The number of United Nations the next maximum is 0.3 percent, certainly smaller than the previous provision of 0.5 per cent," he said. Just like the provisions in the Act PDRD, the UN is also regulated by the local authority.

Not only BPHTB, Pestamen continue, starting next year the central government is also ready to turn the UN into local government. Delivery is also in accordance with the provisions in the Act PDRD.

"But for this the United Nations, not all. UN transferred to the municipality and district in 2014," he said.

For the preparation of this submission there are several parties involved, such as the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Interior. Both ministries are making the transition phases in the form of joint regulation (Perber).

Perber finalized not only to the United Nations and BPHTB, but also there are some 12 other local taxes that take part managed areas.

Directorate General of Taxation said that all preparations were currently in the process. Although only three months away, the Tax Office believes there will be no transition process.

According Pestamen, the Tax Office has been socialized regarding the transfer of these tax-making powers to the regions gradually.

"They've been socialized and how they control actually lived changed little from that already exist today. But we also know, if the area that will accept this worry, we also will provide worry. For that we prepare anything that need to be transferred, "he said.

Pestamen states, to maintain the vacuum so that the community confused paying taxes, the two teams had been prepared, namely external teams and internal team.

What if the area was not ready to pull BPHTB or there is an information vacuum? "Of course if you do not have to pay sales taxes," he said.
Friday, 08 October 2010

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