Monday, October 11, 2010

This He Reasons People Reject Pay Taxes

JAKARTA - The problem of taxation is still just the same. Many people who refuse to pay taxes, because the public dissatisfaction over the service and tax mechanisms.

"A lot of complaints from people who feel less satisfied, or the imposition of tax is less fair and less reflect the provisions of the Act," said Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Committee on Taxation Ansari Ritonga, while speaking in a seminar on Right to Restitution of VAT, at the Diamond Ballroom, Hotel Nikko, Jakarta, Wednesday (10/06/2010).
According to him, many fundamental problems in society that becomes a reason why people refuse to pay taxes. "Regulation of the execution made by the Director General of Taxation, the tax authorities tend to take sides at ease in fulfilling their duties," he said.

In addition to regulations that do not side with the community, Ansari said that the self assessment system which is the tax collection system since the reform era, the principle that taxpayers calculate their own tax scale, is still far from expectations.

"Often the examination conducted by tendentious as the loop again by official assessment," he explained.

then the third problem is said Ansari is on service tax office that is considered disappointing and there is discontent in society.

"Often the public discontent over the things that disappoint on the field of law enforcement and public service," he added.

He also added a few things about the citizens concerns are realized with the rejection of the fulfillment of the obligation of the tax community, by taking barbagai effort.

Source, October 6, 2010

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