Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Malaysia Car "Green" Import Tax Exempt

KUALA LUMPUR, - The Malaysian government heavily supports the existence of environmentally friendly vehicles in the country. Last week, it announced the extension of the neighbor country exemption of import duties or import duty (0 percent) for the car "green" until December 31, 2011 that should have ended this year. In addition, imports are also exempted from customs fees that were previously subject to 50 percent.

With these provisions, the price of hybrid or electric cars in Malaysia will be reduced significantly. Toyota Prius for example, are now priced 175 000 ringgit (USD 504.4 million) could be reduced up to 34,850 ringgit (100 million-an) or a 140,149 ringgit (Rp404 million).
Sizable right!

Not only that, this policy provides an opportunity for other brands in order to peddle their products in Malaysia. Not just cars, but applies also for electric motorcycles.

This tax relief is also applicable to conventional-engined cars with a capacity 2.000cc down.

Source :, October 19, 2010

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