Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Returns VAT Process And Product Returns

Taxable and Tax Return Preparation Returns can be made where

  1. Value Added Tax and Sales Tax on Luxury Goods for supply of Taxable Goods that are returned (returns), can be deducted from the VAT and luxury sales tax payable in the same period.
  2. Buyers must make and deliver to the Entrepreneurs Memorandum Taxable Returns (PKP), the seller, if there is return of Goods Taxable (BKP), unless replaced by the BKP type, type, amount and cost the same.
  3. Returns Memorandum of at least contain:
    a. Serial number;
    b. Serial Number and date of Tax Invoice Taxable Goods that are returned;
    c. Name, address, and TIN buyers;
    d. Name, address, tax ID and number, date of inauguration of the Taxable Person who issued the Tax Invoice;
    e. Kind, type, quantum, and selling price returned Taxable Goods;
    f. VAT on Goods returned Taxable;
    g. Sales Tax on Taxable Goods belonging to a luxury that is returned;
    h. Nota Returns creation date;
    i. Signature of the Purchaser.
  4. Nota Returns made incomplete, can not be treated as a Memorandum of Returns, so it can not reduce the output tax to the seller or the input tax, or property, or the cost to the buyer.
  5. Nota Returns made copies of at least 2 (two):
    - Sheets to-one: for PKP seller
    - Sheet 2: to archive purchasers
  6. Returns must be made in the Memorandum of Tax Period at the time the return of Taxable Goods.
  7. Returns Memorandum of shapes and sizes can be adjusted to the needs of buyers administration.

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